septic system cost

Septic Systems

How much does septic system cost? Is the most common question. We explain it this way.

There is no "common or normal" septic fields. They are all designed specific to each need. So compare it to buying a new truck you can get the mid-size or the four door one ton truck depending on what you need to do with it. Then on top of that you can start adding options like leather, heated seats, power windows, sun roof and the list goes on as well as it adds to the price. So when a septic system is designed there are minimum specifications the parts have to have used to make up the system. We offer options that will make the system last longer included in our price. Also understand if septic fields are installed and designed properly they will last for 30 plus years. So spending a little extra on the install or repair will ensure the system will be trouble free. 

Septic Repair

On a septic repair most of the time you can't see the issue with out digging to the problem areas. Then once the problem is identified a quote for the repair will be given. In some cases trees need to be removed due to roots causing the system to fail, also driving over the septic system can also cause issues.